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Hand Therapy Aid - Master's project

Physical therapy can often be painful, repetitive and dull. Continuing rehabilitation exercises at home, outside of a clinical environment is important to the successful recovery of a patient. This however can be difficult to feel motivated to do. My aim is to make hand therapy a more enjoyable experience and therefore a more beneficial process for the recovering patient.

This research is directed at creating an enjoyable activity that exercises the hand effectively but also diverts the patient’s attention away from the therapy. This is achieved with positive audio feedback when an action is completed correctly.  Different musical notes can be achieved when squeezing each finger to the thumb through the object. The difficulty of bringing the thumb and finger together can be adjusted to suit the patients injury and recovery rate.

 Distraction is a well-documented form of pain relief. Engaging and succeeding achievable goals can lift the moral of the patient which in turn can improve the rate of recovery.

This product does not conform with other hand therapy aids that are already on the market. It is designed rather than engineered and therefore, whilst still being highly functional, is not solely focused on utility. The working mechanism for the aid is housed in a rubber outer form that could differ in colour, shape or size to appeal to different audiences. The unusual and contemporary form makes it surprising as a physical therapy aid and gives it potential to become an intriguing addition to the home setting.