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Sensory Sound Collection

                         Sensory sound object 1           Sensory sound object 2          Sensory sound object 3                  Sensory sound object 4

This work is a family of sophisticated interactive sensory sound objects.

She takes inspiration from her hobbies and childhood. The inspiration for these items was taken from music, musical instruments, sea life, cells, microorganisms and toys.

These objects were beautifully hand crafted using processes including metal spinning and powder coating. Her joyful pieces are designed to be held and explored; blowing into them causes them to emit an unexpected and sometimes ‘silly’ sound.

Frivolity and humour are key aspects in Maddie’s work as well as the use of colour. She intends her work not to have a use but a useless function. They aspire to our childish and inquisitive side and are intended to put a smile on people’s faces.

In Maddie’s words:

‘Life is serious enough so why not add a bit of silliness to one’s day!’